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Mrs. LTC files claims for families all over the United States. The document process, while intensive in the early stages of a claim, is still document management.


Long Term Care Insurance
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As an independent agent, I am not tied to any single insurance product. There is value in shopping as prices and benefits can vary widely by company.


Long Term Care Insurance Carriers

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Which carriers do we work with?

Well, all of them. There is a list of the most common carriers below, but frankly we have seen policies from lots of different companies (JC Penny being the biggest surprise to date!) that have, been bought out by a re-insurer, or have simply stopped selling this type of product some time ago and are now serviced by a third party claim company.

So, whatever you own, let’s chat…it is still a resource for you.

• John Hancock
• Genworth
• Banker’s Life
• Mutual of Omaha
• Equitable
• Penn Treaty

• Life Secure
• Med-America
• TransAmerica
• Lincoln Financial
• Nationwide
• Minnesota Life
• Securian
• State Life One America
• And more…

If you wish to have someone read the contract and answer questions for you.

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Variations by carrier…

It is important to remember that these are all contracts.

Each will have a specific set of circumstances a claimant must meet to be eligible for benefits. We are able to read your contract and let you know whether or not you are medically eligible for claim now – or what documentation you need in place to prove eligibility for claim.

We can also usually determine if the care provider you want to have is eligible according to the contract.

Or…if you are a Do-It-Yourself person, we highly recommend purchasing our “how to” book.

It has many insider tips that will keep you from making the most common mistakes when filing a claim. No need to end up in the Ditch of Denial if you can avoid it with a little judicious planning!

Long Term Care Insurance Policies

Why shop?

As an independent agent, I am not tied to any single insurance product. There is value in shopping as prices and benefits can vary widely from one company to the next.

If you ARE shopping, note the following distinct types of policies you may want to learn about to decide what is the best fit for you:

• Blog Article Cash v reimbursement

• Blog Article Traditional V Hybrid

• Blog Article Critical illness requires the medical condition be permanent and thus are harder to claim usually than a true long term care rider. See here for detailed explanation: Hybrids: the difference between Critical Illness (101g contracts) and Long Term Care Riders (7702b).

Also See:



One last thought:

The difference between agents is usually not which carriers they have access to (though it can be). The main difference is in the quality of advice you get. You want to be sure you are working with someone who has enough years experience doing this to be accurate on the health category for pricing and who can give you top quality advice on the type of product that is best suited to meet your needs and goals.

List of Carriers in the Market*:


• Genworth
• Mutual of Omaha
• Transamerica
• LifeSecure
• National Guardian Life


• Lincoln Financial
• OneAmerica
• Nationwide
• Securian (Minnesota Life)
• John Hancock
• Genworth

Short Term Home Care

• Kemper
• Aetna


• Life Secure
• Mutual of Omaha

*These can change suddenly. We keep the list as current as we can. Call to verify current carriers.

One Stop Shopping

Most people need to decide first if they even need a product (maybe you don’t) and whether or not they can health qualify for the product they would like (maybe you don’t!). A conversation with us/me ((?? I don’t know if I am writing as me or us) can quickly help you gauge whether or not you need a long term care policy, how much benefit you might need, and the options for which you can still health qualify. Further, I?We can compare them side-by-side so you can more easily determine which one is the best bang for your buck and which one fits your needs. Whether it is traditional insurance or hybrid, one stop shopping saves you time and money

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