Stana Martin, PhD, founded Mrs LTC to provide a top-quality resource for folks who need help with long term care claims or insurance comparisons.


About Mrs. LTC

Stana Martin earned her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin and taught for many years at various Universities.

She has been in the long term care insurance arena for the past 14 years. When she first started to help her own policy holders file claims, she became aware that the process to file a claim was quite document intensive. And yet – unlike other health insurance products – no single person was tasked with managing all these documents.

The family members or the claimants themselves where left a-swim in unfamiliar vocabulary, forms and processes.

This is not to say that insurance companies are deliberately being difficult. Insurance companies must do due diligence to verify claim eligibility. But in combination, the insurance companies’ need for verification and the family’s overwhelming responsibilities at care giving time, appeared to be a recipe for failure.

So she founded Mrs. LTC to fill the gap.

Here is the good news: this insurance works. There is nothing more calming for family members than to know that when expensive care happens, there is a resource in place to cover some (or all) of the cost.

It is our honor to be of service to you and your families.

Stan Martin, PhD

About Mrs. LTC - Stana Martin PhD

Stana Martin PhD

Mrs. LTC can serve as:

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A note from our founder

I blame my parents. They taught me to read, sent me to school, and told me that if I worked hard I could impact the world. Here I am all these mumblety-mumble years later with books written and a passion to help people do this “aging thing” with better planning in place.

If you find a sense of humour in my work, you can blame my Uncle. He thought all of life should come with a laugh. When I am not working for money, you will find me riding my bicycle, playing music, and gardening. Or napping. I really like napping….

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