Your Long Term Care Claim Journey Starts Here

start-hereChildhood board games always have a brightly colored “START HERE” box.  Wouldn’t it be nice if caring for our aging parents were the same?  A very clear START HERE box would be SO helpful!

But each person is different and each family is different.  So it is hard to have a blanket “Start Here” place.  What we can tell you is that if there is a long term care policy in place, you should START THERE sooner rather than later.

Too often, families wait WAY too long to open and read the contract or to trigger benefits.  So when you are home visiting your folks over the Holidays this year, find out if there is a long term care policy in place.  If there is, get it out and read thru it.  You can use our handy worksheet from our website to help you understand the gist of it.  And if you need help, give us a call…we’d be happy to answer questions for you.

We are the long term care claim experts.  We can explain your claim options so you are armed to make the most of this resource.  “START HERE” on the long term care claim journey:  read the contract…call us so we can help.

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