Why We Help File Long Term Care Claims

Why We Do This

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I just got off the phone with another ‘Dutiful’.  She has managed to wrestle her Mom’s long term claim into approval, but has now realized that she has to continue to manage the claim month to month and thru each re-assessment window. She is like a hiker on a long climb thinking that if she can just peak out, it will be all downhill from there – but at the top she sees more valleys and peaks yet to scale.

Most Dutifuls get to this point somewhere in the journey. It isn’t that the long term care insurance is a bad thing – it is a GREAT thing! The money from the policy can mean the difference between dignity and choice for the parent and welfare-driven care. It is just that Dutiful has so many other responsibilities that managing the long term care claim often becomes a straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This is why we do what we do: help filing long term care claims. I am so glad this Dutiful found us. It is always our honor to come along side a family and insure that benefits are paid correctly and in a timely manner…month after month after month. We want to be faithful and true to our clients until they no longer need us. We want to be dutiful over your claim….so that you can be a  Dutiful Family and not business manager.

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