Why Long Term Care Claims Matter

Why Long Term Care Claims MatterWe talk to people every week around here who are either starting, wrestling down, or successfully managing a long term care claim.  Every one of them – once the claim is paying and sorted out – is so very glad their family member owned a policy.

Every one of them.

Last week, for instance, we got an email from one of our clients who was helping her long-time friend.

Her words were, “Thank you SO much for helping us get this paying.  Without you we certainly couldn’t have negotiated all the ins-and-outs of the long term care claim documentation.  But mostly it is such a blessing to see SUSAN ALICE (name changed!) being well cared for and knowing that she has the money to stay there until the end.  Without this policy paying, we shudder to think where she would have ended up!  We got to pick the place and she got to feel like this was her decision and choice.  She has dignity, choice and great care because she owned this policy…and because you got it paying so quickly.  Thank you!  Thank you!! THANK YOU!!”

Every client says the same.

I have yet to meet anyone who wasn’t nearly at tears in terms of gratitude that there was a policy paying for their loved one’s long term care.  The family is calmer and better able to cope with care because they aren’t stressing out over the money or the lack thereof!  Peace of mind provided my a well paying long term care claim is priceless.

We would be the first to point out that filing a long term care claim can be a complex process – but we would also be the first to point out that without the payment, it would be an absolute nightmare.

So it is our honor to serve here – you or the next family.

Families matter to us.

As long as they do and as long as there are claims to be filed, we will be here to help each and every family manage the long term care claim process.


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