Wealth Transfer for the Average Family

It takes more than a Last Will and Testament…. Handing Down the Kingdom

If you are helping Parents Navigate to 90 yrs old or preparing for your own aging process — it is helpful to have a plan for handing down your kingdom to the next generation.  Truly, it takes  more than a last will and testament document in place to transfer wealth.
This book is a humorous step-by-step guide with colorful, real-life examples to help you successfully map out your kingdom, know which legal documents you need (or don’t need), identify when you need a local professional to help you transfer your wealth successfully.  This guide also walks you through all the other areas that need a plan  so family can help you age well and then inherit smoothly.  

Through July 5, 2015 you can buy a kindle copy through Amazon for only $1.99. 
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Long Term Care Claim Guide

Long Term Care Claim Guide

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