Time and Long Term Care Insurance


clockIt is the oddity that is both fleeting and slow to pass. Clocks tick off the minutes and chime the hours – the mirror shows a face marked by it’s passage. We all have the same 24 hours to spend: we invest it in work, hobbies or TV and net a return for that investment. But what is it really?

It is glue – industrial strength, liquid nails type of glue. New lovers spend gobs of time doing not much but just being in each other’s presence. Children are like sponges that sop up huge amounts of time and yet still long for more. Marriages that don’t spend time alone tend to fall apart. Jobs that get short changed on time tend to disappear. Even your body requires time – time spent eating well, exercising and resting. Without proper amounts of these your body comes unglued.
So where do we put our glue? We don’t have an infinite amount of it – the clock itself reminds us of its passing…if we bother to listen. We are not guaranteed another 24 hours of it. Yet we are often impatient with those we love the most – because patience takes time. We often give shortest shrift to those who, by rights, need the most of our precious glue: the son of a busy businessman, the aging father of a busy son.
The best recipe I know for ending up old, alone and miserable is to take the years between now and then and use them to glue yourself to things that cannot love you back: cars, work, money, things. While your life may need some of these things (a house, food, transportation and money to pay for it all), your soul needs people to love and love you in return. And this? This requires glue…and lots of it.

Time. It is not only how humans spell “love”…it is the very glue that holds your world together. Oh! How it slips by unminded on a Wednesday at 10am…or a Thursday at 8pm…Or Saturday at 3….
May you be mindful – may you have a good return for your investment


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