The Last Selfie – Long Term Care Insurance, What It Does Best

The Last Selfie
The Last Selfie

Pictured in the photograph are some folks who have been like family to me over the years. The father of these adult children started his life back when there were no interstate freeways, no fast food chains, and phones were a luxury (rotary dial…and tied to a cord). Photos were taken only by professionals with expensive equipment and were a rare event in a family’s life.

It is hard for us to imagine what life was like in his childhood – the 1920s. It is even harder for us to see or understand all the changes he saw in his many years on this earth. But one look at the photo tells you that even here in his last months, he was still embracing change.

He had the foresight to buy a long term care insurance policy in his 60s. He kept it for nearly 30 years before he used it. And thought it didn’t pay a huge sum, it paid enough to allow him to choose the assisted living near his family rather than the Medicaid nursing home across town. He spent the last two years of his life close to family where they could stop by and have lunch with him, pick him up for church on Sundays and bring him to the house for every birthday, holiday, graduation, family-event that happened.

After he passed away his daughter said to me that the value of his long term care insurance policy wasn’t the money – it was the memories they were able to make together.

Here is Stanley’s last photo – and the first (and last) selfie he ever took.

May you and I live so long – may we be so wise as to buy a thing, like a long term care insurance policy, and hold it for 30 years just so we have the ability to have precious memories with family.





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