Meeting the Criteria for a Claim

Stana Martin and Gaye Rutan of Mrs. LTC were a Godsend to my mother and me at a time when my mother was dealing with dire health problems and transitioning into assisted nursing care.  Stana and Gaye helped us with paperwork and understanding the criteria to be able to have the benefits paid out from her long term care policy.  We found out that it is not enough just to have a long term care policy, certain health limitations need to be established before benefits can be paid.
Judy Weeks and June Graham

They Took Care of Everything!

When it was first determined my mother couldn't live at home by herself any longer, all I knew was she had long term care insurance.  I didn't know the different care levels or what the insurance covered.  I found Mrs LTC through a referral and from then on, I didn't have to worry.  They explained the differing care levels and they reviewed the long-term care insurance policy and told me what it covered.  Once my mother was placed in an independent living facility and later into a “memory” unit, Mrs LTC took care of everything.  They made sure the facility made the required reports to the insurance company, that the care plan was updated as required and that the insurance company paid what they were supposed to. I would highly recommend Mrs LTC to anyone having to negotiate the maze of long term care insurance.
Kirt McLean

Education for Long Term Care Insurance

Stana Martin is a hand-on coach & expert in seminar & presentation skills. I just took a 2 day course from her & she quickly identified my speaking style, weaknesses & strengths....and gave me many examples to improve & worked/practiced with me so I could 'try-out' what I learned & get her feedback. I know i will be a better presenter because of Stana's help.
Sheila White, RN, MA, CLTC,
LTC Financial Partners

The Right Policy For Your Needs

Stana is excellent at what she does. She is very detail oriented and will search endlessly for the most comprehensive plan that will fully serve your needs.
Ruth Dworkis

Long Term Care Insurance Policies, Education, Knowlege

I would recommend Stana Martin to anyone who wants to learn more about long term care in either a group educational or individual counseling session. Stana is a gifted communicator and a great speaker as well as very passionate about helping others learn more about the risks and options concerning long term care. I am grateful to be one of her Partners at LTC Financial Partners and recently attended one of her classes which was very helpful. I am sure anyone who works with Stana will be very glad they did!
Janine Tate,
LTC Financial Partners

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