There When I Needed Them

Why Long Term Care Claims Matter "At a time when I had to move Mom to an assisted living place I was having to deal with the insurance company.  They were asking for all sorts of documentation that I were unfamiliar to me.  I had never had to deal with this before now.  I had cars and houses to sell in addition to finding Mom a new place to live.  I knew it would next to impossible for me to get all the forms and documents completed for the insurance company without help.  I decided to enlist the help of the Mrs LTC.  This company did a fabulous job of taking care of all the insurance requests.  They had the expertise to get all the forms and documents filed on a timely basis.  I feel that they helped reduce my stress and helped Mom get the care that she paid for and deserved.  I would highly recommend the Mrs LTC for their services.  I am really glad I did."
A. Pennington

Long Term Care Claim Experts! Thank You!

Thank you for your Long Term Care Claims Expertise! 'Mrs. LTC' has patiently guided us through the complexities of claim-filing every step of the way. Without their vast expertise, we'd have fallen flat on our faces. They've steered us around countless pitfalls which would have halted our loved one's claim dead-in-its-tracks. Can't imagine how anyone can successfully negotiate today's LTC maze apart from the services of these savvy professionals!

Kansas Lawyer

Really enjoyed Stana Martin’s presentation-Very Helpful! Great materials!
Kansas Lawyer

Long term care insurance claim was a long process, Thank you for your help!

I wanted to take just a moment to say how much I appreciate the very long and tedious process you endured in facilitating my mother's Long Term Care Policy claim and say Thank You So Very Much for your help! When we began the process I knew it would be a great deal of work. With all the problems my mother has, so many different Doctors, a multitude of appointments and moving her to a new facility, I just knew there was no way I had time to deal with submitting the claim. When I hired you to facilitate this for me, you were expecting worst case maybe 3 months before receiving the first check from the Insurance Company. Neither of us expected the Long Term Insurance Company, the Doctors and the Facility where my mother lives to be so uncooperative. Because they were all so uncooperative, we received a denial of claim. Then you let the claws come out! 6 months after we began the process, you were successful. I am convinced, had I tried to do this on my own, I would have likely failed. I would and will refer you to anyone who is dealing with submitting a claim to Insurance. This without question, is the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with. I really can't thank you enough. God bless you.
Brady Wolfe

Relieved of Stress: Checks Arriving on Time

As I began the Long Term Care journey for my mother, I soon discovered that I was in way over my head. After several months of trying this on my own, I finally found Mrs. LTC.  They have taken the stress and responsibility off of me and I am so relieved. The staff responds promptly to all emails, phone call and faxes, best of all the checks have been arriving on time due to their efficient services. I highly recommend Mrs. LTC to anyone needing assistance for themselves, or a loved one regarding long term care insurance.
Tracy Horton

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