getting LTC benefits paid

Will I Exhaust the Long Term Care Insurance Policy Benefit?

claim2Once upon a time, everyone bought unlimited long term care insurance policies. Once you went …

Long Term Care Insurance: Change the Address of Record

Change Address on File with your Long Term Care Insurance carrier.

One of the first …

Long Term Care Insurance: Why The Reassessment?

Why the ReassessmentInsurance companies are for-profit ventures, to be certain.  As such, they are constantly on the …

Long Term Care Insurance: Confirm Receipt of the Fax

0c3803f5c000e9a5018bc16cc3fded96One of the more frustrating things for folks who file long term care insurance claims …

Long Term Care Insurance Claims: Document Everything!

To date we have yet to have a long term care insurance claim thru Mrs. …

Do you have to Pay for Parents’ care?

ltc-mom-sonI get asked this a lot.

If my Mom (Dad) goes into the nursing home,

Long-Term Care Insurance Claims: The Basics – Part 7 – Is it Worth It?

“Long Term Care Insurance Claims

– The Basics”

Long Term Care Claims help

Is this Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Even