Princess Dutiful and Her Sword,  Long Term Care Claim

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I visited a house yesterday and spoke with a daughter whose mother is in Stage 2 of Alzheimer’s.  She is the very picture of “Dutiful Child” that we have written about elsewhere.   She has her Mom in an independent living community and stops by twice a day to check on her to make sure she is taking her medications, eating and generally help with important things like, “Where did you put my socks?  I can’t find any of my socks!”  And if you hear that in a querulous small child voice, you would be right.  Alzheimer’s steals so many, many things…..

This woman, this Dutiful, is in her 60s, is still working, active in her church, has her own children and grandchildren, and is managing all of her financial affairs as well as her Mom’s.  if you picture Dutiful as a little frazzled and confused, you would be quite correct.  She is in the heart of the stress sandwich:  aging parents who need help and children who are struggling in this economy where it is harder to gain and hold firm footing than it once was.  People in their 50s and 60s have now become the firm peg on which most of the family hang.

The good news is there is a long term care insurance policy in play.  Dutiful (let’s just call her that) reached out to me to ask a few questions about the policy because she was thinking about triggering it.  She had read it, but didn’t really understand how it worked or if it would pay for her Mom’s care now.  I thought she was quite brave, actually – she had taken the deep dive into long term care insurance contract lingo.  She had all the right resources at her fingertips and had marked the contract up with highlighter and notes trying get her arms wrapped around this resource.  She had even decided not to go see her grandchildren that week in order to meet with me and stay nearby her Mom because she didn’t have anyone else to care for her Mom while she was gone.  No wonder she wanted to trigger a claim!

So I sat with her for an hour and answered questions and explained how the long term care insurance claims process was going to roll out and what needed doing next and next and next to get the claim to pay.  She does have a valid long term care insurance claim.  The policy will pay for the care her Mom needs, and she can get rest from at least part of the grueling 24/7 care walk she is on.  That is what long term care insurance policies are for – to provide care when you can no longer do it yourself and so that you are not a financial or physical/emotional burden on your family.  This is what we do here at Mrs. LTC– we come along side you and help you figure out how best to utilize the resource you have.

This is a tale with a happy ending:  Princess Dutiful, faced with the Evil Stress Sandwich, pulled out her magical sword called Long Term Care Policy and (with a little help from Mrs. LTC!) stabs a mortal wound to Stress Sandwich.  This, my dears, is the way it is supposed to work.

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