Pre 1996 Claims on Long Term Care Insurance

Pre 1996 LTC Insurance ClaimsYou know, you bond with people quickly when you are dusting their bottom off in the bathroom.  I was at a meeting yesterday and met a woman thru one of those moments where you bond instantly.  She had leaned up against a wall that was being repaired and had white plaster on her backside – in an inauspicious place.. .  I didn’t know her, but I was certain I would want someone to tell me if our roles were reversed, so I leaned over to her and gave her the news.  I then offered to follow her to the bathroom to help rid her clothing of it.  So as I whipped a damp cloth across personal parts of this stranger, we very quickly became friends.

She asked what I did.  When I told her my company files long term insurance care claims, she remarked, “Oh!  There is such a need for what you do!”  Our conversation then spun to the problem case she had on her desk at that very moment.

We chatted a bit and I answered her questions.  She then lamented, “It is like they just intentionally make it hard.”  Well, that is not quite correct.

The truth is that long term care insurance policies older than 1996 will have a much wider variety of requirements to trigger the claim, while ones sold after 1996 will tend to be more similar.  Vintage counts on these things.  Just remember that the contract will specify exactly what it takes to trigger – and if your documents match those words, then you have a long term care insurance claim.  If you can’t match those words, you probably don’t have a claim.



    • Hi Joyce
      Im not sure what question you are asking. Would you like to give us a call and we can see if we can help you?


      Part of the difficulty is that each policy is different and we go over the details with you in an initial call to see if 1) you have a clam and 2) how to maximize your benefits.

    • Hi Joyce —
      The answer is “yes” — we have handled that policy. They are, like so many companies, sticklers on having correct documentation when it comes to a claim. Folks who have never filed a long term care claim before can sometimes have a bumpy ride. If you have specific questions, contact us thru the “contact us” tab or give our main office a call. We’d be happy to answer questions for you.

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