Long Term Care; Part 5 – The Basics

Part 5 – The Basics

Long Term Care - The Basics

Okay, so where do I go from here?

Hopefully this brief primer has provided you with some basic information about the risk all of us face and the importance of considering Long Term Care Insurance as a logical way to manage that risk.  How you act upon this information is obviously up to you.  But if you decide you want to know more about this important coverage, here are the steps my clients have found to be the most sensible and efficient:

Step 1     Find out if it’s right for you

Consult with a licensed Long Term Care Insurance Specialist to determine if this coverage is medically available to you.  Your money pays for this insurance – but your health is what “buys” it.

Step 2     Get the facts

As critical as this insurance may be to your family’s financial and emotional wellbeing, it is crucial for you to work with a local Specialist who is knowledgeable about the cost of care in your area; who knows and can articulate the differences in the various companies policy verbiage; and who can clearly explain the myriad benefits and options to enable you to choose the level of coverage and the premium that is right for you.

 Step 3     Apply for coverage

The Specialist can help you begin the application process.  If you are medically insurable and receive the policy, you then have 30 days to review it.  If you decide against the insurance, you receive a full refund of your initial premium.


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