Long Term Care Insurance: Confirm Receipt of the Fax

0c3803f5c000e9a5018bc16cc3fded96One of the more frustrating things for folks who file long term care insurance claims is the way that documents can become “lost in space” when they send them to the carrier.  In general, long term care insurance carriers do a VERY good job of tracking and keeping documents.  But while each of us who file long term care insurance claims are working on only one claim, they are working on hundreds or thousands at a time.  When you add in that they have human beings working there (all prone to accidental human error on any given day!), and the challenge of mechanical gadgets like faxes breaking down, then there is room for problems.

Around here when we file a long term care insurance claim, our ‘standard operating procedure’ is to fax in the documentation on day 1 (let’s say Monday) and then 24 to 48 hours later (Tuesday or Wednesday) we call the carrier to be sure that all the documents arrived and are properly filed in the client’s folder.  If we find it can NOT been confirmed, then we re-send the information and repeat the pattern until we are certain that the paperwork is received in its entirety and is filed correctly.

Here’s your Pro-Tip: Always confirm receipt of fax or mailings… Always.

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