Long-Term Care Insurance Claims: The Basics – Part 8 – Where Do I Go From Here?

Long Term Care Claims help

“Long Term Care Insurance Claims

– The Basics”


Okay, so where do I go from here?

 Hopefully this brief primer has provided you with some basic information to help you with the long term care insurance claim process for long term care insurance policies. You can certainly file your own claim…or you can hire professional help, someone like us.

We tell people all the time that this is like selling a house or filing a complex tax return. You absolutely CAN file the long term care insurance claim on your own – but you often have more surety of the results if you get help and hire a pro. When making this decision (DIY or hire someone), consider these questions:

  1. Do I have the time to put into understanding and managine the document-intensive process?  This meas reading all the documents, and understanding legal and medical termonalogy
  2. If I to opt to manage the process, do I have the bandwidth in my life to do all that and do the care giving still required by my family member?  Oh… and mange the bank account, house sale, downsizing and anything else you need to do for that person….

As a professional organization this is what we do:  we manage the long term care insurance claim process so you are most likely to get a check in hand as quickly as possible.

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