Long-Term Care Insurance Claims: The Basics – Part 5 – How Do I Start A Claim?

“Long Term Care Insurance Claims

– The Basics”

Long Term Care Claims help

How do I start a claim?

Initiating a long term care insurance claim is the easy part – getting all the way thru the documentation is the hard part. Initiating the claim usually only requires that you call the insurance carrier and tell them you wish to start a claim. They will then provide you the claim form(s) necessary to start the process. SOME carriers have a very simple claim form that you fill out and send in. From the information provided there, the carrier will pull all the other required information (and there is A LOT of it!). Most carriers however, will send you a small sheaf of papers – there can be a form there for you to fill out, the hospital to fill out, the rehab unit, the primary care doctor and even potentially specialists to fill out. The care provider will also have to provide documents (licensure, a Plan of Care, and bills…or even daily visitation notes). So if you have a long term care insurance carrier where you have to gather the documents and submit them, buckle up! This is going to be a long process. For more information on that, buy a copy of our book HERE. Or give us a call as filing long term care claims, and getting them paid, is our specialty.

If you have one of the carriers that “does it all”, you may be tempted to think, “Whew!” But this is just as dangerous to a successful long term care claim as the one you have to manage. If you (or we) manage it, then we can make sure the documents are correct before they go to the insurance carrier. If the carrier manages the process, you never get to see if documents are correct or if the docs all get in with all the pages attached….or any number of other things that can go wrong with documents. We generally advise that – even if you have one of these carriers – you don’t let the process just run on it’s own. There are too many chances for a problem to arise and end up with claim denial rather than claim approval. Again, may I recommend you buy and read the book we wrote? Or call us 816.222.4551.  It will save you time, and money.  It could also save you a bunch of grief!


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