Long-Term Care Insurance Claims: The Basics – Part 7 – Is it Worth It?

“Long Term Care Insurance Claims

– The Basics”

Long Term Care Claims help

Is this Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Even Worth All The Effort?

Yes. Unequivocally yes. We have never met one family that wasn’t deeply grateful that their parent (auntie, grandpa, etc.) had a long term care policy at the point that care happened. Even small policies can make a huge difference in how a family experiences the care event and what type of long term care is available for the claimant.

Remember that this is INSURANCE – all insurance has this strange documentation process for claim. Think about the last time you made a claim on your car insurance….? Wasn’t that a headache?!? And that was for a lot less money than the long term care carrier will shell out for long term care expenses. So don’t be surprised that the process of filing a long term care insurance claim is document heavy and awkward. Once you get thru the worst of it, you will be SO glad the policy is there to cover some to all of the cost of care. We promise.

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