Long Term Care Filing: A Field Guide for Prince(ss) Dutiful Heir

It’s here!! Stana’s book is now on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

A guide for successfully navigating the pitfalls encountered in getting a long term care insurance claim filed and paying successfully. This book is written as a myth (to illustrate the common pitfalls of filing long term care insurance claims) and has four Reality Acts. The Long Term Care Insurance Claim Field Guide is designed to help you through the main pitfalls faced when filing long term care insurance claims.


Well Written ~ Easy to Read ~ Easy Guide to Follow ~ A Must Read July 8, 2014

Let me start by saying that Stana Martin, PHD, is an excellent writer ~ she is concise, direct and makes an otherwise complicated subject into a well written guide ~ entertaining as well as educational and easy to follow. This book is about how to go through the claims process once you, or your family, decides it’s “time” to trigger in the long term care policy that no one ever thinks they will ever need. Thank goodness for Stana Martin’s guide to help her readers through this process.
As 70% of folks over 65 yrs old will need long term care during their lifetime, this guide will walk you through the steps of filing for a claim and getting the most from your policy. ~ Shawn Walker Davis


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