Helping Families With long Term Care Insurance Claims

long term care insurance helpI was on a bike ride the other day with a group of folks and someone asked me what I do for a living – I thought of several responses.  At heart, I own an insurance agency that sells a niche product (long term care insurance) and helps families file claims when they get stuck or no longer have an active agent to help them.  But of that entire statement, the part that rings truest for me is “help families.”

My own family had a long run of care for both grandmother’s.  We went thru the gristmill twice.  We had no professional to come along side us and explain how things would work or what our choices were – each time we learned by the seat of our pants and thru trial and error…mostly error.  I only wish we had had someone to help our family through this process.

I compare that to the family we helped,  whose father just died after having spent 8 months in an assisted living facility near them.  He had a long term care policy and my company was able to get it paying for his care.  After he died, the daughter said to me, “I am so glad Daddy had that policy.  You know I knew he had it all these years, but I never understood how important it was until he needed it.   It meant SO much to us and to him for him to be able to live so close to us and not be in the nursing home across town. One of us saw him every day and we had him out every weekend for dinner or cards or a movie.”

What a difference it made that he had a plan!  What a difference it made that we could help that family USE the plan the Dad put in place all those years ago.

I don’t think anyone WANTS to think about long term care or long term care insurance – no one wants to contemplating growing old and frail.  But it happens – and if it is going to happen it is best to face it squarely and HAVE a plan so that our families are not left picking up the pieces…but can have us over for dinner and a movie.

November is Long Term Care Awareness Month.  Help your family and have the discussion about long term care insurance for when you get older.

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