Happy Holiday’s! Tips From Mrs LTC Staff!

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Families have moved so far apart that often times the only face-to-face time we have is over the Holidays.  We make a quick trip home for Thanksgiving, or a bit longer over Christmas.  This is often when it becomes evident that Mom or Dad (or both) are really struggling to make it on their own….or you just realize that it won’t be long until you are at that point.

So our Holiday tip this year is this:  talk to your parents about the plan for their long term care as they age.  Ask them what they want?  Ask them if there is a long term care policy (and find out where it is kept!)!  Ask them what their expectations are for you and other family members.  Check into Veteran’s benefits in advance of need so you can make sure you have the documents handy and ready to go…

In short – since these are not the easiest conversations to have and since they are far easier face to face and BEFORE you face crisis decisions – take a cup of coffee and a quiet moment to talk to your parents.  It may not be the easiest thing you have ever done – but it will be one of the most caring.

Long term care is  a fact for 70% of the population.  We urge you and your family to have a plan.



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