Consider Mrs. LTC

Consider Mrs. LTC if…

  • you have no children to help with claim processing on your policy,
  • your children live far away from you,
  • you don’t understand how the policy works or how to get a claim paid,
  • you already have a full plate and need someone to help with a claim,

Services Include:

  • Full service claim filing for long term care
  • Complimentary consultation to determine if you are likely to have a claim
  • Assistance in understanding the plan of care and help identifying the right type of care for your family member
  • Claim filing — expedite processing (starting claim, collecting documentation from doctors, rehabs, hospitals and others, care giver certifications etc.
  • On-going claim management including recertification and EOB coordination
  • Complete documentation for tax purposes, and verification
  • Coordinate with Care Providers, CPAs, Attorneys, Trust Managers, and others as necessary