So, you have a long term care policy and you think it is time to use it…?

First, let us congratulate you on having the foresight to purchase a policy before today!

One of the big questions people have is this: Will the policy pay?

We understand this — often if a family can’t get the policy to pay for care, then they have trouble keeping their loved one in the type of care they need and want.

We offer free consultations to “read” the policy with you and answer the most pressing questions:

  • Is the policy holder medically eligible for claim? The contract will specify what constitutes “medically eligible” – we can help you do triage on that and determine if the policy holder meets those criteria. If your policy was bought prior to 1996, it may have wide variation in criteria. Policies bought after that date are usually standardized by federal law (usually…we have met a few strange contracts!).
  • Will the policy pay for … ? You can insert home care, assisted living, or nursing home in that blank! People are all over the map as to what level of care they want/need. Policies, likewise, can pay all the types of care, or they can be very specific where they only pay one type of care (say home care, or only pay skilled nursing), or the policy may pay some combination. There are no “standards” on which we can lean. This answer is truly driven by the exact language in the contract.
  • How much will the policy pay? Knowing how much per day/month it pays and for how long can help you plan more wisely on how to use it.

We also have a book available on Amazon that teaches you how to read the contract and how to file the claim – it is a self-help resource that can keep you from making the most common mistakes that cause a claim denial. Click HERE if you wish to order the book (it is in both print and digital format).

We do file claims for families for a fee. However we will not take a claim on without visiting with you first to determine that the policy holder is claim eligible. Our reason for doing this is to help people get money from their policies – not to take money from them needlessly.

If you wish a consultation, fill out the information below and we will have a seasoned agent contact you. PLEASE NOTE: we can only be generically helpful without the contract/policy. If you have a copy in front of you or can provide us with a copy we can be far more specific and helpful. If you do not have a copy of the contract, call the carrier and ask for a duplicate copy to be mailed to you.

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