Claim Your Turf, Mom

Love and LaughterThere is usually very little to laugh at in long term care insurance claims.  People are in high-stress mode over declining health issues and growing expenses.  No one is laughing…  but the other day I spoke with a family that were managing to weather this with a little sense of humor left.  Dad has had Parkinson’s for a while.  The couple owns a long term care policy, but they have hesitated to use it to date.  The Mom was finally wearing out as the care needs were becoming more involved and so they decided to contact us to trigger a claim.

As we talked about what the long term care insurance policy would and would not pay for, the Mom (a German immigrant with a strong and lovely old-country accent still) was nervous that “someone” would come into her house to clean and not do it the way she wanted it done.  She kept saying, “Well!  I would just have to clean the kitchen again when she left.”

I kept explaining that the woman who came didn’t have to clean the kitchen or clean anything for that matter.  And the Mom, kept repeating with greater annoyance that she didn’t want someone else to clean her kitchen.  The daughter eventually put her hand gently on her Mom’s arm and said, “Mom, we need to let someone come to the house.  You need help.  But you can still claim your turf!”

The Mom laughed and started to relax, “Yes,” she said, “it has always been thus – the kitchen is my turf and anyone who enters declares a turf war!”  Then she showed me a picture of her in an apron bought many years ago by her husband.  It said in bold print across the front, “My Turf.”

I suddenly had an insight into a family that loved and laughed – and still loved and laughed.   The long term care insurance claim will not take away the Parkinsons.  But the Parkinsons is not stealing their laughter either.  That is a very good claim.

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