Caring for Caregivers – How A Long Term Care Claim Can Help

Care Givers - Long Term CareAccording to the Family CareGiver Alliance, the vast majority of care if done by women ( .  The toll this takes on women is hard to measure because it runs the gamut of actual lost wages due to  time off-work, financial assistance that can range from the simple (buying adult diapers) to the truly astronomical (paying for long term care out of pocket), and the mental/physical toll of being a long term care giver.  While it is clear that men are also caregivers, to date the Family CareGiver Alliance says women tend to do 50% more of the caregiving than men.

So how can a claim on a long term care policy alleviate this?

  • Financially – a successful claim on a long term care policy can offset the costs of care so that a child (daughter) does not have to supplement care for the ageing parent. It can also mean that the daughter doesn’t have to have time off-work to be a caregiver because there are funds to pay a professional caregiver.
  • Mental – a successful claim assures that the daughter is not constantly worried about whether the parent has a care giver in place or even if there is a good one. Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy quality caregivers.  Even if a caregiver is only hired for a few hours a week to give the daughter a rest, this mental relief and “downtime” can be a make-or-break for that full time caregiver.
  • Physical – caring for an adult human is not without its’ physical toll. Lifting, supporting or even stabilizing as a person transfers from bed to chair or takes a shower, or even navigates to the car for a doctor’s appointment is far more physical work than most of us plan for.  Most caregivers eventually report back problems, knee problems and other physical wear and tear for extended care giving.  A successful claim means that a caregiver can hire someone to come help with the planned times of physical need for lifting or stabilizing (such as shower day or go-to-doctor day).  OR, if the care extends to facility based care like assisted living or nursing home, there is truly a physical relief for the primary care giver as now there is 24 hour help available.

A long term care claim is not going to take away the need for care giving.

A long term care claim does not replace a caring family member to be there to listen, help make wise choices, or even just provide companionship.  What a claim DOES do is to relieve the stress of the care (the financial stress, the mental and the physical stress).

For folks facing care, it is best to claim early and to do everything in your power to have a successful claim.  We recommend using a professional claim service because you are least likely to get a denial when the documentation is done correctly and you are more likely to get a claim paying more quickly.  Barring that, please read thru our other blogs to help identify some of the worst “sticking points” on a claim – or best yet, read our book available on Amazon (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE) that gives a step-by-step guide to filing a claim.

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