Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer and Women year there are several million dollars raised to fight breast cancer – Walk for the Cure, Susan B Komen Foundation, doctors, medical research labs and pharmaceutical companies have combined to fight this serious battle now for nearly 30 years.  And though the war is not won, we have gained some territory over the past 30 years.  What used to be a death sentence has now become a serious, but often survivable, diagnosis.

The same cannot be said for Alzheimer’s.  And Alzheimer’s impacts women over 60 far more often than breast cancer.  As reported on CNN’s website, the recent study from the Alzheimer’s Foundation ( shows that 1 in 6 women will suffer from Alzheimer’s once they are over 60.

1 in 6.  Let me introduce you to my 6:

Gaye – my sister whom I love.

Carol – my sister of choice, we raised our children together and I have been to the wedding of each of her sons so far.

Christine – my gym warrior friend and weight watcher friend who loves to shop at cheap stores and wear cute, matching outfits.

Eve – my cycling friend and long-time laughing partner.  Eve is oldest of this bunch, is a wine connoisseur,  and has one son who is still trying to find his way.

Karen – my friend and fellow traveler on this earth whose oldest daughter is getting married this week.

Me —   me you have met before…

All of us are in our 50s racing ahead to that magic 60 yr. old mark.  Which of these should I point to and say, “You…  You will be the bright and shining star that slowly dims until you no longer remember our times together, what the punch line was, or what day it is”?

Pick your 6.  Go ahead.  Include yourself if you are a woman. Pick the 6 you love the most if you are a man.

We have found a gene for Alzheimer’s.  We have found a gene for breast cancer.

We have no cure for Alzheimer’s.  We have a cure for some kinds of breast cancer.


According to data from the Census Bureau and, roughly 2% of all adult women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year.  1 in 6 is 16% diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

People tell me all the time that they think they will “risk it” on the costs of long term care insurance.  What they are really telling me is that they hope it isn’t them.  But when I next sit to celebrate with Gaye, Carol, Christine, Eve, Karen and myself…I don’t want to hope it isn’t me!  I hope it is me and not one of them.  But I also hope they are all prepared with a plan for their care.  Because until we have a cure….all we can do is take care of those whose lights dim out.

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